Priorty: Social & Reproductive Justice

Multiple factors impact an individual’s ability to access birth control.

Reproductive advocacy initiatives like ours must commit to frameworks that will produce holistic and person-centered policies.

On Our Agenda: Engage, Ally & Support

Listen to and act on the guidance of BIPOC-led groups, community leaders, and experts addressing health inequities.

For decades, health care disparities have disproportionately affected marginalized communities. Reproductive health care specifically has been plagued by structural and systemic racism and coercive practices.

As allies in the fight for reproductive justice and health equity we will:

  • Expand our community-based partnerships to collaborate on policy and initiatives.
  • Ensure that organizational professional development doesn’t just talk about, but prioritizes, equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Continue building a staff, Board of Directors, and Associate Board that informs our work from a variety of lived experiences.

As part of our outreach work, we consistently invite and bring together leaders in the reproductive justice space to speak with, educate and train our advocates