Priorty: Raising Awareness

New policies are critical to progress, but their impact is dependent on public awareness.

New York is a leader in contraceptive equity laws and patients need to know their rights. Policy uptake requires highly targeted campaigns that promote, publicize, and educate.

On Our Agenda: New Yorkers’ Rights

Develop and drive an action plan to call attention to a new law that provides patients with an extended supply of birth control.

Public and private insurance are now required to cover a one-year supply of birth control dispensed at one time. This eliminates the burden of returning to a pharmacy or provider throughout the year for refills, and is proven to increase continuity of use.

We will bring together professional associations, advocates, state agencies, and key stakeholders to develop an awareness campaign to promote the new policy using social media, paid and earned media, and peer-to-peer education. We will work with other community-based organizations on grassroots advocacy.

Our campaign will educate pharmacists and providers, inform patients of their rights, and bring attention to enforcement strategies that improve compliance by insurance companies. To this end, we led an inquiry of several insurance companies not in compliance with the law. Our work resulted in a public admonishment and call to compliance by Attorney General James.