A leader in birth control access

Despite decades of efforts to improve access to reproductive care, there is still a lack of access to and knowledge about birth control. This has profound implications for countless New Yorkers and their families.


Through innovative and cost-effective measures, we can make transformative and lasting change for New Yorkers who lack access to birth control.


While larger, national reproductive health organizations tend to focus on a broad range of initiatives, NYBCAP has one concentrated aim: to make birth control more accessible.


We are attacking issues by combining grassroots outreach and advocacy campaigns with civic engagement programming.

Our Priorities

  1. Social & reproductive justice for person-centered policies [links to the ‘Reproductive Justice’ page]
  2. Youth education and civic engagement [links to the ‘Advocacy & Activism’ page]
  3. Implementation and uptake of existing laws [links to the ‘Raising Awareness’ page]