Priority: Advocacy & Activism

Each semester, over 50 college-aged advocates are accepted to our advocacy training program called the Associate Board – they are ready to get busy for birth control.

Young people are especially effective at harnessing their networks to share information and amplify messaging – we work with 18 – 24 year olds to raise awareness about birth control access. They are among one of the groups most affected by inadequate access to birth control. NYBCAP recognizes the role they can play in making birth control more accessible to every New Yorker.

On Our Agenda: Developing leadership

Recruit and cultivate Associate Board cohorts to serve as peer educators and advocates in their communities.

We train members of our Associate Board to educate and empower other New Yorkers. Their personal experiences, empathy, and enthusiasm make grassroots organizing possible. By giving them the tools that they need to speak up for affordable and accessible birth control in their communities, the Associate Board is making meaningful strides for birth control access.

Each Associate Board member has an opportunity to select a program that they focus on during the semester:

  • Campaign: Campuses with Emergency Contraception
  • Institute: Legislative Education and Advocacy Program
  • Internship: Fellows Academy
  • Project: Policy Working Group

These programs are just the beginning. We are motivating young people from across New York State, we are mobilizing the next generation of reproductive health and justice leaders.