Priority: Advocacy & Activism

Young people are especially effective at harnessing their networks to share information and amplify messaging. Each semester over 50 college aged advocates are accepted to our advocacy training program called the Associate Board.

On Our Agenda: Next Generation of Leaders

Recruit and cultivate Associate Board cohorts to serve as peer educators and advocates in their communities.

We train and energize members to educate and empower others to speak up for affordable and accessible birth control. These young people’s enthusiasm and empathy inspire us every day.

Each Associate Board cohort has an opportunity to select a program that they focus on during the semester:

  • Emergency Contraception on
  • Campus Campaign
  • Legislative Education and Advocacy Program
  • Fellows Academy
  • Policy Working Group

These programs are just the beginning. By motivating communities of young people, we are mobilizing the next generation of reproductive health and justice leaders.